A musical composition based on repetition and the continuous interweaving of points and counterpoints, as well as a disturbed, amnesic state, the fugue is at the heart of Roe Ethridge’s work. For over ten years Ethridge has used this idea of the fugue to create layered images that are both easily legible and confounding, building them into series full of twists, turns and dead-ends. He spoke with Marc Feustel about how he came to juggle his commercial work with his fine art photographs, his love for the fugue and how his relationship with his mother was the inspiration for his latest project, Sacrifice Your Body. 

MF: Marc Feustel

RE: Roe Ethridge

MF: How did you start out with the Sacrifice Your Body project and what was the inspiration behind it?

RE: It really started once I had the title, Sacrifice Your Body. It’s a phrase that some of the mothers used

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