Pedro Alfacinha has spent the past five years working at the highly respected publisher MACK. This autumn he is opening a new gallery in Lisbon, representing an exceptional list of both homegrown, and international artistic talent. 

At a time when the international media seems solely interested in Portugal’s economic turmoil, Harry Hardie talks to Alfacinha about his commitment to employing photography to create an exciting and positive future.

HH: Tell me a bit about your background, I know you were obviously at MACK, where you have been for some time, but before that?

PA: I was born in Lisbon and in 2006 I moved to London. I had been interested in photography all along, and decided very early that I wanted to study in London. In 2007 I enrolled in the BA Photography course at Camberwell College of Arts. Around that time I started working part-time at Steidlville London, a dedicated

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