Bryan Dooley's work categorically refuses to play nice with structures and conventions. Gold County Real Estate is the fourth instalment in the "Blue Books" series designed and published by Études, a multi-discipline studio based in Paris and New York. It's also been an installation work. It is definitely the only artwork to ever make this writer listen to a Lil' Wayne-sampling DJ Nate track.

If the viewer were to seek elucidation in the book's accompanying text, they'd be disappointed. What's offered instead is much more exciting: a galloping, associative piece of prose by David Morris that dissects a Chicago Juke-style track, teasingly throwing in unelaborated references to Gold County's visual content. Keeping its account of polyrhythms, motion and plurality in mind while going through the book allows the images to resonate at a different  frequency; the "finality" of photographs and "completeness" of editing is dialed down, replaced with a sense

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