Inspired by the writings of Richard Hugo and others, Bryan Schutmaat’s Grays the Mountain Sends poetically delves into the landscapes, faces, atmospheres and lives of small mountain towns and mining communities throughout the American West. 
AS - Aaron Schuman

BS - Bryan Schutmaat

AS: To start, how did you first get into photography?
BS: I wish I had a cool story about how I got into photography, but I don't.  I took an introductory photo course while getting my BA in History, and fell in love.  Early on, Winogrand was my hero.  I saw the “1964” exhibition at the Cheekwood Museum of Art in Nashville, and it blew my mind.  He made all these great pictures with the same tools that I was using at the time; just a handheld 35mm camera and rolls of Tri-X.  Of course, his pictures were infinitely better than what I could've hoped to

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