Nirvana – Jason Lazarus

“Who introduced you to Nirvana?” – Jason Lazarus’s simple premise for a photo project that opens the door to a plethora of personal experiences. Collected together in Nirvana is an archive of first loves, long lost friends, aimless late night drives through suburbia and tragic motorcycle accidents. The book is nostalgic and emotive, and sure to evoke memories in anyone who was young in the early 90s. For those of us who were still in nappies when Nevermind was released, the book prompts consideration of how much cultural exchange has evolved for better or worse over the last two decades. Although the subjects of Nirvana might have thought themselves part of “Disaffected Generation X” – when viewed in comparison to today’s hyper-connected, media-on-demand age, a certain sense of loss haunts these analogue images of dewy teenagers with their romantic memories of traded mix tapes and albums listened to straight through at the kitchen table.

Here Press£12 / 30pp / March 2013ISBN 9780957472426

Reviewed by Holly Lucas
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