Oliver Eglin: Berghain

Somewhere on the border of Berlin's Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain districts, sits an ominous former power station that now houses a Club with a reputation for dark room deviancy, electronic music and a rigorous entrance policy; where nights start late on a Friday, and end the following Monday morning, just in time for work: Berghain.

Despite its reputation for hedonism, Berlin's most infamous club is not without rules, operating a strict no camera policy, and so the question of how to document the cultural phenomenon arises. The answer, it would seem for London based Photographer Oliver Eglin, comes in the form of recording its aftermath. For his series Berghain/Panorama Eglin produced series of portraits of the disheveled visages of the clubs patrons, as they emerged into the morning light, having spent the previous 10 hours or so enraptured by techno (and possibly other intoxicants), now showing the scars of their harsh return to reality, but perhaps not quite as visibly as they will do in a few more hours... 


— Gregory Barker