POV Female 3: Alexia Webster’s Hogsback

In the third instalment of our series on Oodee’s POV Female: Johansberg, we take a look at Alexia Webster’s series Hogsback.

Born in Johannesburg, Webster’s documentary photography explores Africa. Hogsback, a village high up in the Amatola Mountains, is an area that Webster is more than slightly familiar with. Charmed by the mystical area, her great grandfather purchased land in the village and since her childhood Webster has frequently visited the village. Swamped in mists and encircled by ancient forests, Hogsback for those have settled here has long been considered sacred ground.

Webster’s series of images captures the unnerving beauty of Hogsback, a village still gripped by the stubborn, complex inequalities that post Apartheid South Africa continually faces. Beyond the sad history of the area, Webster’s project depicts the village as it is now, the fall of Apartheid and imposed Land Act and the community it created accompanies the spiritual atmosphere of the lands ancestors. Webster juxtaposes ethereal imagery of a haunting land with an insight into the involvement of the community to create a series of photographs that are unquestioningly beautiful but undoubtedly still rife with the problems of the past. 


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— Joanna Crawford
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