POV Female 2: Tracy Edser's Window Rwanda

In the 3rd series Oodee's of POV Female, we are taken to Johannesburg where five young female photographers are being championed for their unpublished work. Kicking off our appraisal is Tracy Edser and her project, Window Rwanda, documenting the lives of Rwandan people.  

Based in Johannesburg, Edser travelled to Rwanda with 'Operation Smile', an international medical NPO as a volunteer photographer. Edser became fascinated by Rwanda's rich political and cultural history, especially the horrific genocide that plagued the nation in 1994. As Edser shot the series through the window of a van, she found it difficult to imagine the violence-ridden Rwanda nearly two decades ago. 

In the words of Edser, "they are a completely removed and random record of a people and a place that I could never begin to understand." With this in mind, it's intriguing to look at these images without a conceptual perspective, and you begin to notice the little details such as their smiles, the landscape and Edser's ability to capture the gaze of an unsuspecting subject in a split-second. 

Window Rwanda is a incredible insight into a nation still associated with its past, and these incredible compositions showing people going their daily lives is nothing like you would expect to see with a project title like that.

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— Holly Wilkins
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